The trip to DC was the usual barrel of monkeys.  It was hot here – over 100 degrees – so I was a bit concerned about the possibility of strange air-travel problems.  For example, having to take off with less weight due to decreased air density.  No problems though but the air was thick with haze from here to Chicago and on into Washington.  Most of the time it looked like we were flying through a single large cloud.  I could see nothing at all so I closed the window and read.  Every passenger did the same thing so it was strangely dark inside – almost like a nighttime trip.

Washington itself was experiencing a break from the heat due to the tropical storm off the coast; the overcast from the fringes of that storm made it stay in the low 90s which was a treat for me since I was forced to wear a suit.

It was quick – out one afternoon, do my thing the next morning, and back that afternoon.  Tiring though.  I got luck and snagged first class on the way back so I actually got something decent to eat.   I got to finish The Scarlet Pimpernel and listen to a good many tunes on the iPod as well as this week’s “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me!” podcast.