Well, it’s here.  The real summer.  It’s been over 100 for two days with every forecast calling for the same for at least a week.  At about 8:30 Saturday morning, the sound of lawn moweres filled the air; all of us trying to get the job done before it got too hot for common sense.

I committed the embarrassing faux pas of taking my mower partially apart to diagnose a dying engine problem only to realize that it was simply out of gas.  Shows you what a crappy mower I have that it screws up more than it runs out of gas.

I have a big pile of brush in the back yard from the tree project but it got too hot to deal with that.  Maybe later.

For her part, Mel stayed inside.  She has a huge bandage over her surgical area which makes her pretty hot even in the air conditioning so she stayed inside – on the sofa in front of the TV specifically.

Yesterday, Erin left for girl scout camp for two weeks.  She chose the theme camp of “waterlogged” in which they get in the water for swimming, boating, etc all day every day for the whole two weeks.  That camp always starts when the summer gets really hot and so it was a sweaty job manhandling her gear from the truck to the cabin.  After returning from the shop, my truck did an admirable job keeping us cool without overheating in the blazing heat.  Thank goodness.

They didn’t actually charge me for that diagnostic and radiator top-off but I did pay them $250 to service the rear brakes so I guess it was even.

Erin found a friend from last year’s camp and so was comfortable with me leaving.  This years camp had made some changes in the crowd handling and so there wasn’t much standing in line – just a quick drop off and I was away.  I was sad actually, one doesn’t simply drop off a child for two weeks without some reservations no matter how reliable the camp and its staff are.  They sent us a detailed note about all the safety stuff they do including removing any ticks and saving them for later analysis for up to one year in case of some later-diagnosed disease.  But I still felt reticent to leave her there.  I guess it’s a parent thing.

Evan’s Eagle scout project is this coming Saturday and Sunday which has me pretty tensed up.  It should be plenty hot so we’ll have to worry about heatstroke as well as simply getting the job done.

Then there’s my upcoming trip to Washington.  I may have many talents but a latent one that I discovered later in my career is the knack for giving a good presentation so I shouldn’t worry about this but I can’t really help it.  Everything is important when you’re called to Washington so I’d better give it my full attention.