So Mel’s fourth (and last) surgery was yesterday.  Yet another several-hour trip to the surgical waiting room.  The last in the series of reconstructive operations – thank goodness.  There will be a couple more procedures but I think they’ll be in the doctor’s office.  This actually lasted longer than the other operations and so she was under anesthetic longer and so took longer to come out of it.

She was a bit out of it since they had to give her some potent anti-nausea drug which made her sleepy but today she was up and about.

I’m glad that’s over.

Everything happens at once.  I can never seem to budget my disasters so that I can adequately deal with them.  Mel’s surgery has been on the calendar for a long time and of course took precedence but at the same time my truck decided to start overheating (during a particularly hot spell) thus requiring a hospitalization of its own, and TheMan informs me that I really need to go give a presentation in Washington next week and could I have the pitch ready today for review.  I finished it Wednesday but they called me about it today and I had to do a bit of work from home.

I think I’m done now.