I like the way Erin will put some phrase into the screensaver that appears to be totally random/senseless but which makes perfect sense when explained.  Sort of like a screensaving stream of consciousness.  For example:

“Jangs, Janglees, Mr. Bojangles, Jangly Jim”

Insane, no?  No!  Apparently a friend has a cat by the name of Bojangles but he calls the cat by any of the above variations.

“What would you say if I told you your great uncle had a dog that could say ‘Mama’?”

Well, it seems there is a relative on Mel’s side that spent a lot of time training his dog.  Until I knew that, I couldn’t imagine what thought process led to that screensaver away-message.

Evan too has a sense of humor that you sometimes have to look for.  He and his buddies went to the midnight premier of “Pirates of the Caribbean” last night.  But not before they all made T-shirts to wear.  They said “Yeargh!”.  He also bought a belt buckle in the shape of Darth Vader.  Let us not forget the hook for his hand.