I have what is called a “Class-III medical” card which is apparently required for anybody who ever might fly on my employer’s airplane.  One has to go to an official FAA-certified doctor to get this; we call it an “arm and leg count” since it’s a pretty superficial exam.  Mine was this morning.

The office is in the strangest place – up in Tulsa in a light industrial complex next door to things like “Kreg’s Custom Sailmakers”, “AAA sheet metal”, and such.  Not the sort of place you’d expect to find a doctor’s office.  Add to that the fact that almost all of his patients were there for the same thing:  flight physicals.  Perhaps this guy makes all his money by signing off pilots and aircrews.  Makes me wonder if somebody went in there with something out of the ordinary like a seizure, would this guy know what to do any more than an EMT?

Oh well, it was quick and easy.  And somebody else paid the $65.