Last night’s concert in the park was the last of the summer.  More’s the pity; these things are fun and free.  Last night featured “The Greyhounds” who played a long list of 60’s rock covers.  Not the usual top 40 material either but more interesting stuff with more soul/rock to it.  Fun stuff.

Evan decided before we even left that he had better things to do and so disappeared before I got home from work.  Mel, Erin, and I went and enjoyed ourselves.  I’m not sure if Evan enjoyed himself wherever he was or not – he got home before we did.

Not only was the music good but we were enjoying a brief period of cooler weather before the usual July/August oppressive heat wave begins.  Score!

I also got an email from the sellers of our defective digicam sending me a free mailer to return it with.  Nice.  I could wish that things happened a bit faster but as long as the exchange happens, I’ll be OK.