On Wednesday evening, I got an early father's day gift.  Linda had come up to get Erin and take her back with her to ElDorado for a few days of fun so I guess they felt that they had to get the gift-giving done early.

In a classic give-dad-a-gift-that-you-want move, they gave me the PlayStation2 game Guitar Hero.  Well this is very cool even if their motives were a bit self centered.  I did ensure that I got the first turn and that whenever I wanted to play, they had to get away from it and let me.  

Last night, Evan was away at a band rehearsal and I took up the guitar.  After I had played a few rounds, he came home with the announcement that he was going over to hang out with some friends and wanted to take the guitar.  Apparently, the friend has the game but needed another guitar controller so they could play in two-player mode.  I let him have it but not before socking him with a guilt trip for taking away my gift while was in the very act of enjoying it.  He seemed appropriately contrite – but he took it anyway.  It turns out that somebody else brought one so he didn't need it and even called me to let me know that I could have it back; providing that I came to get it that is.  I was on the verge of making him drive it back to me when Mel decided she wanted me to go see some new furniture that her sister had bought.

That put an end to my gaming for the evening since they ended up moving furniture and pictures around for several hours in their attempt to make it look perfect.

It's hard to get into a game like that when you're in my position.  There I was, getting into the music, playing air guitar like a pro having chosen an avatar named "Johnny Napalm" with spiky hair, virtual crowd roaring, and Mel pops up out of nowhere with the question:

"Do you think you might like to drive an Impala?"

Looking for reliable, affordable transportation is not consistent with being a virtual rock star and so this proved to be a jarring interruption.  Boy, women just don't seem to understand video games at all.