Last night was the first free concert in the park this year.  The theme for the evening was gospel; the first act was a barbershop quartet featuring my barber!  Kinda cool that a barber sings in a barbershop quartet.  All is right with the world knowing that.

The weather was very nice but Erin got a bit tired of the old-fashioned music before the first intermission.  We would have stayed but Evan called:  he had gone to the movies with his friends and they all wanted to come to our house to hang out so we figured we'd better be there.

There were about six of them and one girl had brought "Guitar Hero" for the PS2 so much fun was had by all.  When they're that age (16), no adults are allowed to play or even think that what they are doing is cool – that would upset the balance of their universe – so I just went to the bedroom and read a book.  One day, maybe Evan will let me play if he is sure no one is looking.