This week saw Evan's first week as a working class stiff.  Altogether, he is working part time at three different swimming pools as a lifeguard.  This week, he managed about 30 hours which isn't too bad for a first timer.  So far he's had to tell one kid to stop running and another not to go down the slide head first.  Apart from that, he has only sat in the chair.  On breaks, he goes into the clubhouse and sells pop and other snacks at the desk.

Friday and Saturday, Melissa had her annual garage sale during which she made a couple hundred dollars.  That's pretty good for an activity that is, more than anything else, intended to rid our house of crap.  Leave it to Mel to manage to not only clean up the house but also make money at it.  I would not put it beyond her to eventually figure out how to get somebody to come over and clean our carpets for us and pay us for the opportunity. 

On Saturday afternoon, we closed up shop and took all remaining crap to Goodwill and/or Salvation Army.  Not many organizations are willing to take three bicycles but we found one.  The garage is now much more spacious. 

I took advantage of the situation to do a bit of woodworking while the sale was going on in addition to getting my parking meter apart.  Fun stuff. 

Meanwhile, Erin spent this weekend and Thursday at church camp.  She returns today and will probably be bubbling over with stories to tell.  We thought of her often but we also enjoyed the quiet and the lack of entropy.  When Erin is around, the house just gets messier.

Finally, Mel decided that to cap things off, we needed to go looking for kitchen furniture.