Yesterday was the last day of school and so when I got home from work, Evan was gone – off to play video games with his buddies and begging to not have to come home early.  Erin was rearranging the furniture in the house to accomodate the passel of friends she had invited over for the evening.  How many?  She wasn't sure.  She had invited about five but others kept inviting themselves and so we ended up with about 13. 

I fired up the grill and made burgers and dogs.

And now today, I expect I won't hear from anybody until noon at the earliest.

Evan starts at his fast food gig on Monday and is looking forward to it as one might look forward to a root canal.  I hope he finds more lifeguarding jobs to round out his schedule so he won't have to face the music at Arby's for long.  I'll bet he'll never eat there again.