Let's see if I can remember everything:

Friday:  Erin bored and frustrated from trying to find a friend to sleep over.  The problem was obvious:  Mother's Day weekend.  Too many grandmas over with her friends.  Evan was off doing something with friends.  Apparently a girl got "Guitar Hero" for the PS2 and this is a real guy magnet.

Saturday:  Rooster Day parade.  Beautiful weather, excellent parking spot, surrounded by friendly strangers.  Couldn't have been better.  Evan was marching with The Pride and so came first; as a result, he got done and came to sit with us and watch the remainder of the parade.  Some little girl named Sarah and her grandma (never seen them before in my life) came and sat on the bumper of our van and enjoyed the parade with us.  No problem there, they were welcome – just a little unusual.  Sarah was on the shy side so Erin tried to flag down the candy-giving paraders and pass some candy back to Sarah.  All was well.  The parade had all the small-town goofy stuff in it that I've come to expect and enjoy.  I put four photos up.  We stopped at Arby's on the way home – Mel made Evan take an application and fill it out in case the lifeguarding jobs didn't come through.  She made a point to say that there's no way they'd hire him right on the spot – we'd have some time to think about it.  Wrong.  They hired him on the spot.  Unless another job comes up, he'll start next Monday.  Then the girlfriend's birthday party that night.  Lots of anxiety about that:  "will she like her present?" and so on.  But it went fine.

Sunday:  Mother's Day.  Cards and a gift.  Church.  Lunch.  Naps.  A great day.  Beautiful weather which went totally unnoticed due to the napping. 

It's hard to complain about a weekend like that.  I'd like to order up another load of weekends just like it.