I bought a refurbished iPod off Amazon last week and according to the tracking number I was sent, it was due yesterday.  Sure enough when I got home there was a nice sticker on the door with a message to the effect that "We came but you weren't home.  We need a signature so we'll just take it back.  Sorry we missed you!" 

ARRGGHGHH!  Why does anyone send something that requires a signature anymore?  Mel is normally home but she does have to go do stuff often and she was only out for a little while.  *&^%!

Well, I was feeling a bit under the weather anyway so I was more dissappointed than I might have been otherwise.  Plus, WalMart called and told me that my 'special order' tires were in so I wandered up there to see about them.  They aren't really unusual but since they didn't have any in stock Saturday, I had to order them.  So I got there and was informed that it would be about 2.5 hours. 


Well, Mel and the kids were off somewhere and I had forgotten where so I signed up for the long wait hoping that they were just being conservative like that hostess at Zio's who tells us there will be an hour wait when she really means it will be more like 30 minutes.  But no, WalMart is very accurate in their estimating skill.  It was exactly 2.5 hours.

That's more time than I need to wander around and look at stuff.  I'm not much of a shopper and I rarely browse and so when I do, it only takes me 20 minutes tops.  I didn't feel like going to the integral McDonalds to eat even though I was hungry because I hate McDonald's.  I considered buying something at the deli but wasn't sure how to go about paying for it and then re-entering the store to eat it back at the automotive waiting room so I just went back there and played games on my Palm until I got bored with it.  I have two games so that took awhile. 

Finally, they got it done – exactly on time.  By that time, it was 8:00 pm and MythBusters was coming on so I went home to find Mel asleep on the couch and Erin watching Mythbusters – she's my little MythBusters buddy.  It's our favorite and we make time in our schedules to watch it together.  She doesn't go in much for re-runs though due to her nearly photographic memory so we can really only get together for new episodes.  At any rate, there was enough leftover dinner for me to microwave while I watched.  It was a very long evening for me but not in the good "at home" way.

The tires are those kind with raised white letters – which I've never had and never really wanted.  At least not since I was 17 years old.  I could have had the guy install them with the lettering facing inwards but it occurred to me that if I wanted to sell it then it might do some good to have some flashy "Tiger Paw" lettering facing out.  It's a pretty cool-looking truck what with the integral matching bedcover and just might appeal to an Oklahoma teenager just graduating from highschool and looking to buy his first truck upon getting that new full-time job and the QuikLube.  I should persue this. 

But it felt pretty weird parking at the Starbucks this morning.  I don't feel it went with all those SUV's and Toyotas in the parking lot.