Last night saw the unfortunate confluence of the Pride Rush party and the academic awards ceremony.  We went to both.

I you pass the audition for The Pride of Broken Arrow marching band, you get to come to this picnic where you get a grilled burger, drink, and dessert.  And, I suppose, get to hang around with your friends for awhile since that was what everyone was doing.  The idea was that you hung around and attended the Pride parents meeting but we had bigger fish to fry.  The parents meeting is where the parents of new members first find out about how much it's going to cost them for their student to be in the band.  Smelling salts and AEDs are available.  We already knew so we felt little remorse in skipping it since the one last year went on forever and was paralyzingly dull. 

We headed up the hill to the first Baptist church for the awards ceremony.  Evan won quite a few things.  Now that he's old enough to merge with all the other kids in the city, he doesn't take home all the awards but he still got his fair share.

We went back over to see if we could catch the last of the parents meeting but alas, it was over.  Whee!  We went to Braum's instead and got ice cream.