When I first got into video stuff on the computer, I thought it was extremely cool but a bit complicated and a huge time sink.  But now it seems that it is fraught with technical perils too.

When I first installed the DVD burner and Pinnacle Studio, things worked fine.  Over time, things have begun to behave strangely.  Last night, the DVD I made of Evans first year wouldn't play in our DVD player.  It would play fine in the Playstation2 but not in the DVD player – that had played it fine many times before.  Is the DVD going bad in some strange way?  Who knows?

Erin has a video project that she wants to do for school and last night, I couldn't get the thing to burn to DVD.  First it would say that there wasn't sufficient space on the disk.  Then it would gray-out the check box that said "burn to disk".  And many, many times, it would simply get halfway through the burning process and lock up.

Very frustrating.  So I guess that's a few hundred dollars that was poorly invested.  But I want to do this video stuff because it's fun and at least moderately useful.  Perhaps I need to invest some more money.  That usually solves things – at least as far as home improvement/construction projects go.  Not sure if throwing money at technical problems solves much unless you throw disgustingly huge amounts of money.