Been gettin' some rain 'round these parts.

The city came out on Saturday evening and worked until about midnight with a noisy truck that was apparently producing a high pressure jet of water to blast its way through the clog in the storm drain.  They were successful since on Sunday morning, the street was no longer lake-like.  And on Tuesday night when the next toad-strangling rain came through, the storm drains drained like they were supposed to.

We seem to get that a lot:  storms that drop 3 to 6 inches of rain in about twenty minutes which produce a lot of localized water over the streets.  I've seen it once before during rush hour.  It was pretty weird; the problem is not really creeks overflowing, rather, any large flat surface like a field or parking lot will drain all its water onto the street.  This overwhelms the storms drains which are not sized for such a deluge and the water then flows to the next lowest point which is generally across the street or down the street.  At any rate, there will be a fast moving flow of water about an inch or two deep on a usually clear street.  It's really shallow and you can typically see the street since the water is not muddy but it can really push your car sideways if you go too fast.   Fortunately, such events are very localized – about like tornadoes.