Another busy Sunday.  We had to drop Evan off at lifeguard class at 9:00.  He was to be picked up at 1:00.

In the meantime, we had to drive to Oklahoma City for Erin's award.  Erin has always entered the Reflections contest – a program run by the PTA that gives kids a chance to express themselves artistically.   They can enter in literature, poetry, music, or photography.  Erin has typically enterd a musical composition but this year she decided to write a poem because it's quicker and easier.

Hers was selected as a winner at the state level and so we trucked on over to the suburb of Moore to attend the ceremony.

I always enjoy this sort of thing; especially when the ceremony goes quickly as this one did. 

The photographs were on display in the lobby outside the auditorium.  We got there a couple of minutes late so we had to rush directly into the auditorium and when it was over most people were grabbing their photographs off the display walls as quickly as they could so I didn't have a lot of time to admire them.  One girl had grabbed hers and was holding it while a grandparent took a photo of her holding her photo.  I liked the irony of the fact that while the little girl had won a prize for her photograph, she was being photographed in turn with a cheapo disposable camera.  I was further amused by the little girls comments which went something like:

"The flash didn't go off – it's not going to look good.  Did you turn the flash on?  It's that little button on the front."

Kids advising adults on the proper use of technology is always good for a laugh in my book.

We had to rush back to Tulsa in order for Erin to make it to the dress rehearsal for her confirmation ceremony on this coming Sunday.  We made it, she's excited about it (possibly because they found out they're all going to get a Bible), and so all's right with the world.