We were all going in different directions Saturday. 

Erin had gone to an all-night thing at the church on Friday night; therefore, when she dragged in on Saturday morning, she promptly went to sleep.  In the meantime, Evan had to get up early (a horror for him on Saturday mornings) to head for lifeguarding class at the local swim school.

After swim school, I then had to take him up to the zoo with another meeting with the volunteer coordinator about his eagle project.  This went somewhat strangely since his point of contact has changed and now he had to get to know someone else as well as fill her in on a lot of details.  I guess it didn't help anything that we chose to visit with them in the middle of the afternoon on a beautiful spring Saturday which also happened to be earth day.  You couldn't park within a quarter mile of the zoo entrance and there were long lines.  They even opened up the booths to start charging for parking where it is usually free.  So that was a mistake on our part but I don't know when else we would have done it.

After bringing him home, he promptly wanted to go over to a friends to play guitars and fantasize about being rock stars.  Meanwhile Erin slept on.  Melissa had gone to work at the convention center – one of many occasions where we work at things like this to offset the cost of Evan being in the marching band.  Mel didn't get back till after midnight; she was exhausted but she was also that much richer.

I finally woke Erin up at around 5:00 pm and, true to form, she was grouchy for awhile and then was wide awake till well after midnight.  She doesn't have as much respect for the clock as I do; she will gladly sleep when she's tired, wake up when she's not and live like that indefinitely.  But Mel made her go to bed anyway.