I've fallen victim recently to several bouts of sentiment.  For example, while going somewhere, Evan will ask if he can drive.  Especially if we take his car, I will sit in the passenger seat, look over at him, and starting thinking about the days when I would put him on my shoulders, do projects with him at the kitchen table, take  him to the park, push him around in his stroller, or some other thing that happened when he was really little.

These studies in contrast inevitably result in a brief wave of syrupy sentiment washing over me.  Before things go too far (just before I get misty-eyed), I'll shake my head and focus on something else.

I suppose this is normal but I don't want to give in to it.  I used to roll my eyes and get impatient when my mom would do that and I don't want to cause any more annoyance than I already do as a parent.