This Christmas's most appreciated gifts were the mp3 players.  Evan got an Ipod Nano.  I've been coveting one of my own for some time now and at one point, I voiced the idea of trying to find an old one on Ebay for cheap (maybe). 

Apparently this idea took root since now Evan's latest idea is to sell his on Ebay, match it up with some money he has, and upgrade to one of the newest 20 Gb Ipods.

So basically, he's turned my idea around and taken it to the next level of trying to sell me his old one so that he can get the one with all the storage.  I'm not used to being outsmarted in this way.  This must be what it feels like to come up with a good concept and then have your business partner run out and get the patent on it before you do. 

So I guess that in life, like in business, you snooze you lose.