We had one of those springtime squall lines blow through town yesterday afternoon.  In this case it was very narrow so it was about a half hour of warnings via the TV stations (and their network of storm chasers) and about 10 minutes of actual weather.

I was watching the radar on TV when the warning sirens went off.  On the radar they had one of those little spinning circles that is supposed to indicate a possible tornado and it was right above where my house is so I did what any normal guy in Oklahoma would do:  I went outside to look.

In my defense, it didn't look stormy, there was no rain, and there was part of the sky that looked blue and sunny so I went out there to see what the radar was seeing.  I saw nothing.  It passed on over, the sun came out and that was that – not even a single drop of rain.

I guess the doppler radars measure something may or may not be a tornado.  That isn't how they portray it on TV though.  They were telling us to take cover; get inside a closet, bend over and kiss your butt goodbye.  That's the very sort of thing that makes them lose credibility and leads to us going outside to see for ourselves. 

I guess technology isn't everything.