We spent the day Saturday at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville being recruited.  We got to eat in an actual dormitory dining hall – for free!  I know I'm sold.

I don't know how the U of A Alumni association keeps up with me.  I've moved several times since graduation and never once told them about it but they have accurately discovered my address and telephone number.  They have also discovered the birth of my children and sent recruiting materials at the appropriate time and now that Evan is up into high school, they invited us over for a day of tours, meals, and information.  They must have former CIA agents working for them to uncover all this info about it.  I only hope that they don't decide to start sending me junk mail and spam or my communications will grind to a halt under the load.

Many changes have occurred since I was there as a student and it was these things that they wanted to show us.  My kids were both stuffed up with attitude long before we left our house and so were determined to be unimpressed even though they were given a bag-o-freebies when they walked into the door of the Alumni Center.  There was no way that either of my little darlin's were going to call the hogs at any point in time – they were just way too cool for that.  I'm kinda with them on that though; I called the hogs plenty of times when I was there but I've been around since then and now I don't think it's such a good idea.  Evan won't even use the correct jargon – he referred to it as 'that pig cry'. 

This is ironic in the sense that Evan thinks that Oklahoma State is the place for him and all his buddies; as if that leaves the University of Arkansas in some sort academic dust in the race for higher education.  If he had the sort of attitude about Harvard, well maybe I could see it.  I don't expect him to attend the U of A, I only want him to note the differences between universities and he can't do that if he has nothing to compare to but I wish he wouldn't make up his mind before he leaves the house. 

As it was, we had a very nice day in which they took us to eat in the newest dorm/dining hall complex where the food really was good.  Information was provided and following that, the hogs were called one last time and then we left.  We headed towards Dickson Street.  As the main drag for the university students leaving campus, it is still a continuous strip of restaurants and bars but they seen nicer than before.  One of our relatives (almost – if a marriage occurs that is) owns two of the restaurants and so we wanted to go eat and see if he was there.  Jose's is a bit of an institution but it only arrived after we graduated so we felt obligated to eat there to say we had been there.  He was there though and seemed glad to see us.  We actually wanted to eat at the new place but we got there at 2:30 which a weird time of day to be eating at a restaurant but Jose's is always open.  They were still reeling from the reggae night the night before.

Evan drove home which is a first for him.  This was his first experience to drive several hours straight on a family outing.  This is something I've looked forward to for awhile – not having to drive the whole way.  His comment was that it was tiring and made his butt numb to which I responded "Welcome to my world."  I should have made him stop at the toll gates and throw quarters into the basket so that he could live that little annoyance.  As it was I taught him to use the cruise control about halfway home after he had had a good taste of driving without it.  I look forward to him driving a lot more in the future when we go on future family drive-a-thons.