We heard some jazz last night.  At the high school.  Yes, it was time for the spring jazz ensemble concert.  Evan isn't in jazz band this year due to the high incidence of AP classes and the associated load of homework but he had a number of buddies in the band and so we all went for the free entertainment.  It was, as always, very enjoyable.

I was struck as I always am by the fact that all these little white kids can play that sort of music without showing any emotion at all or even moving other than to play their instruments.  Why can't we suburbanites ever really get into the music?  Why can't we ever really rock the house?  Is it something about our lives or is it the way we raise the kids?  I think that all those teeny little mistakes in rhythm that we always hear at this level would probably dissappear if only the kids would let go and enjoy the experience.  If only they would give themselves up to it and sway a bit, I'll bet the music would really start to swing.  But they didn't and so the concert was merely good rather than being something they could have charged admission to.  Maybe some day.  I was at an ecuminical service once where a choir from the black side of town sang and those kids could rock the house!  We should take a lesson.

After the emotional trauma of the relationship breakup on Monday, Evan seems to be doing much better.  Good enough to sit with a crowd of his friends and enjoy himself.  And who was that he was sitting with?  I don't recall seeing her before.  Hmm…..

We ended up sitting behind a table full of the school band directors and so we had to behave ourselves.  The band is so big that I don't think any of them recognized me or Mel as having a kid in the band but you never know so we had to behave.

So, once again, we managed to find some quality entertainment for free.  Maybe we should write a book.