Last night we all drove up to the church for a reunion of all the kids who had gone on mission trips to Mexico and Guatamala.  Apparently it takes about that long to get photos processed and put slide shows together. 

As with many things at the church, it took a bit longer than it needed to.  Participation in positions of leadership is usually awarded for reasons of enthusiasm rather than any ability to stick to a schedule.  It appears to be a strong tendency amongst musicians at our church to want to drag out songs from a reasonable three verses to an annoying repetition of the three punctuated by several extemporaneous prayers.  To my way of thinking, one could say a prayer at the beginning and that would suffice.  One could also play and sing the songs as written rather than improvising quite so much.  The man in charge was, I believe, in my camp since even though he didn't point at his watch, he did express a bit of impatient body language in subtle ways.  But teenagers playing guitars do not respond to subtlety.  We eventually got to the important part though which was to look at photos of our little angels doing stuff.

There was much painting done to judge from the photos.  There was also the mixing of concrete, occasional street-dramas, and caring for small children.  None of the participants regretted taking the spring breaks to go do these things.  Apparently a good time was had by all. 

We all sure had a good time seeing the photos.