The youth leaders who organize these mission trips tell us to call their phones at the church to hear their voicemail messages that they update each night with news of their progress.  We’ve been calling religiously (so to speak) to hear all about the goings on with the groups.  With the exception of them using the words “totally” and “awesome” way too much, the little missives have been pretty fun to listen to.

Mel and I have been trying to see if we can go for an entire week without spending any money.  To that end, we’ve been just eating whatever is in the cupboard until the food runs out rather than going to the grocery store and restocking.  We’ve finally eaten all the surgery-period casseroles, we’ve cooked a lot of the meat we had in the freezer, and we’ve used a couple of Panera Bread gift cards.  Plus, I’ve been taking whatever I can find to work to eat for lunch so I don’t go out.  We’ve been pretty successful in this but it involves watching a lot of TV and doing chores since we don’t go out.  Rather than throw certain things away during housecleaning, I’ve been putting stuff on Ebay instead and have about 8 or 9 things there now.

So, life goes on without the kids but I’m looking forward to their return this Saturday.