It rained today – all day – for the first time since early October.  It seemed fitting then that we should be out in it searching for a dishwasher.  Our workhorse of a dishwasher has given up the ghost recently and in spite of two visits by the repairman, is still not in service.  So off we went to seek out a replacement.

We hit paydirt at a local place frequented by builders and their contractors.  We found a nice one back in the scratch-n-dent room for a bargain and jumped at the chance to own a high-end model for a reasonable price.  Unfortunately, the guy said they were running about two weeks behind in their installations so I decided that in two weeks time I could probably figure out how to install it.

I fact, I just called me brother in law.  He is extremely good with this sort of thing.  His job takes him far afield on a daily basis and he is forced to be very self relient so to him, installing a dishwasher is a walk in the park.  Plumbing make me kind of worried though – I have a plumbing phobia.  Doesn't bother him though; if he sees a leak after he's been tinkering under the sink, he just grabs a wrench and makes things tighter.  So together, we made it work.

And geez-oh-pete!  This thing is quiet!  We turned it on and when we left the room, we could no longer hear it.  Usually, when the dishwasher is turned on, the volume on the TV has to be considerably increased.  So the rumors are true:  Bosch dishwashers are freakishly quiet.  They seem to take quite a bit longer to finish their business but who cares?  As long as I'm not doing them by hand, I'm good.  I hovered over it quite a long time just to make sure it wasn't leaking.  I also had to assure myself that it was really doing something rather than just sitting there humming.

So even though it took the better part of the afternoon, we got it done and in return I made him and his wife the best pot of coffee they had ever had – at least to hear me tell it.  I took the class at Starbucks and now back off – there's a new barista in town!  And a dishwasher to put the dirty cups in.