Last night we attended the spring high school band concert.  Evan, as usual, played his French Horn from a seat that was, from my vantage point, invisible.  No matter where I sit, it seems he ends up obscured by a bunch of other horns.  Still, it was enjoyable.

I like going to concerts.  I’d rather attend one hundred concerts than attend one confounded soccer game.  Partly it’s that concerts are typically indoors but it’s mostly just because I think music is better.  Last night’s concert was one of the main performances for the spring.  Evan and all the other kids seemed to think that they sucked but I’ll bet that assessment comes from their band director.  That sounds like something a band director would say to a group of imperfect musicians.  But I must admit that the band from the north side of town did sound somewhat better.

It made for a busy night what with homework, dinner, that, and a couple of other things.  I barely had time to slap my coffee-grinder project together so that I could take it to work and grind some coffee.  A co-worker and I went to Starbucks yesterday to attend a coffee-making class so I was all pumped up about the coffee.