Well, the time has come.  Evan has completed all the necessary badge work, has gotten his leadership hours in, and all that stuff.  The only thing separating him from that coveted (by the parents) Eagle Scout rank is The Project.  Each scout has to do The Project:  a service project that involves planning, hard work, some financials, and organization.

It’s surprising to me just how many Eagle projects involve clearing brush.  I’ve read many of their notebooks at various functions and a lot of them seem to read like the following:  “Greenbelt in our neighborhood had overgrown trails.  Cleared brush from trails.”  But we wanted something that would leave no question as to its value so we turned to the zoo.

The zoo is fertile ground for scouts wishing to find an Eagle project.  The zoo is peppered with displays that were put together by scouts if you take the time to look at the plates that are on most of the outdoor displays.  Evan contacted the Tulsa Zoo Friends and they seemed genuinely happy to have him participate.  In this particular case, they expressed the desire that he work on a particular place.  The education center has a beautiful picture window that looks out onto a row of dumpsters and air conditioners; they would like a fence to screen off this view so that they could get their horticulturalist in there to landscape it.  They even plan to move a huge tortoise in there to live so that people will have another small exhibit to admire.  Well, this was a match made in heaven so he signed up.

I took him up there Saturday to talk about it.  We had been up once before and this trip was to work out some more details, take some pre-construction photos, make some measurements, and so on.  It’s pretty cool to be there in an “official” capacity since you go to the office, they let you in for free, and they take you “backstage” so see the zoo from the non-public side.  We felt important.  Plus, once you’re in, they tell you to just wander around and admire the animals – from the public side that is.  No tromping around from the employee-only side without escort. 

So he’s pretty much set up with his proposal to the Eagle committee this coming Thursday.  Than it’s just a matter of getting down to details and there are a number of them.  But he’s coming down the home stretch of his scouting career and that makes me pretty excited.