Last night I shipped off the fourth item of Andy’s old ham radio gear to a (hopefully) happy Ebay buyer and prepared another four items for shipping in anticipation of listing those also.

As I always do, I try to box up the item, weight it, come up with a good description, and try to estimate the shipping cost – all way before actually logging on.  And as I always do, I ask myself why am I going to the trouble. 

The answer of course is told by example:  last night I sold a microphone that, to me, was worthless.  I could not have gotten anyone to even look at it at a garage sale and I probably could not have gotten more than $2 for it at a gathering of ham radio guys but on Ebay there were at least two guys in the United States that wanted it and as a result of the bidding, I got $8 for it.  Score!  And even though I went to the trouble to ship it, he paid for that too.  Plus I included $1 for my trouble so I win in every aspect.

Packing up the old gear brought back lots of memories.  Dad, Andy, and I had some good times back then although I was never nearly as much into the ham radio scene as they were.  Still, I went with them everywhere they went and we had fun.  While out with them, I saw pictures on a computer screen long before Bill Gates or Steve Jobs were dreaming of them and I played a game on a computer several years before the first console game of Space Invaders actually invaded the local Pizza Hut.