Evan did one of those things I hate last night:  he met me at the back door with the announcement that they were making a video for extra credit, we were out of blank DVDs, it was due in the morning, and that they were having technical difficulties.

I don’t like to be met at the door with a full-fledged conversation; I prefer a few minutes to switch gears from work to home modes.  Plus, neither Mel nor I appreciate last minute school projects.  But of course there was nothing for it but to help – after a brief nap.

In the end, it turned out extremely funny.  It was supposed to be a modern interpretation of Julius Caesar.  It kept us giggling all through its entire five minutes.  Basically, instead of a roman dictator, the Caesar part was the Little Caesar’s pizza guy.  The movie opened with him playing rock-paper-scissors.

With a yard gnome.

The other highlight was the cry “Let loose the dogs of war!” while onscreen the door of the ferret cage was let drop and Daisy the ferret slinked out.  Daisy was given credit at the end of the movie too. 

It was pretty amusing to watch the outside scenes too which featured one of Evan’s buddies cycling furiously down the street on Erin’s bicycle which was totally too small for him.  The funny part was off to the side where we could see several neighbors standing on the sidewalk watching and wondering what was going on.  Plus, one of the little neighbor girls was also pedalling furiously on her teeny bike keeping up with him. 

I hope they get all the extra credit for it that they can.  They certainly had fun making it.  I guess something’s going right when five teenagers put their whole heart and soul into a homework assignment for many many hours.  Voluntarily.