Tis the change of the seasons and things are happening.  Erin is in Oklahoma City for a couple of days with the school choir.  She couldn’t be more excited because not only does she get to travel out of town sans parents but Mel also loaned her a cell phone.  Perhaps as a result, last night she called us numerous times:  “we made it to OKC”, “we found a hotel”, “we’re in our room”, etc. 

Evan is getting more mobile too.  Last night he abruptly announced that he and his friends were going to eat at IHOP.  Just like that and he was gone.  So Mel and I had dinner alone – whee!  Nothing like warming up leftovers for a romantic evening.  I guess something about spring in the air makes kids want to leave the house.  I know it affects the dog.

The dog woke me up barking at about 3:00 am.  Then of course she came back to the bedroom and scratched at the door.  Over and over.  Finally I let her out but awoke soon to more barking outside.  I remembered that I had turned on the sprinkler system to deal with our ongoing drought so that the trees don’t totally die and she barks at the sprinklers.  So in she came.  But she was still restless which always seems to happen when the weather first begins to warm up.  So I banished her to the garage.  That’ll show her.  But first, I removed the garbage can – she can occupy herself quite handily with a full can of garbage.  She’s a good dog but she’s still a dog and no matter how well-behaved she is, she will always go for garbage.

Finally, speaking of garbage, I bought some coffee from the Potter’s House mission who tries to improve the lives of people who live in the garbage dumps of Guatemala but unfortunately, it tastes like, well, garbage.  So my contribution will be essentially one-sided because I’m not drinking any more of that coffee.