I’m not sure what made me think of this but I recall a story Erin told some time back.  We were watching something on TV in which somebody stuck something into a power outlet and lots of fireworks happened. 

Erin said:  “That doesn’t happen that way.”

I said:  “Really?  How to you know?”

Erin:  “I did it once.”

At this point I thought “AAAUUUUGHHHG!” but instead said: 

“When was this?  And what happened.”

She proceeded to tell the story of how one night after we had put her to bed and thought she was asleep, she got up as she often did and started to play.  She must have been three or four and was curious about those little things in the walls down at her level.  She confessed that she had gotten one of my screwdrivers, snuck it into her room, hidden it, then got it out and stuck it into the wall socket.

My heart was beating fast when I heard this but I held it together long enough to ask:

“What did it look like?”

She replied:

“A spark and some smoke.”

She even volunteered to take me back into her room and show me the little smudge next to the wall outlet.