Mel is convalescing nicely.  Right after surgery, she was so sore
that she didn’t actually get up that much but she’s now moving around
the house and even drove on Sunday.  I’d like to mention that by
getting out and getting mobile, she may give the impression that we
don’t need the church to bring us any more food and I’d hate for that
to happen.  And yet it may since she is not the type to stay in bed for

She’s been to the doctor twice but there’s been nothing interesting to report from those visits.  They go something like this:

Medical professional:  “Ok, that looks fine.  Come back in a week.”

Mel:  “When do these drains come out?”

Medical Professional:  “Later.”

I say “Medical Professional” because sometimes it’s the plastic surgeon and sometimes it ain’t.  You never know.

Last weekend, she felt good enough to get up and create a long list
of chores for me and Erin to do.  Apparently, watching other people
exert themselves is just about as good as exerting yourself. 

Evan spent the weekend at the church preparing for the spring break
mission trip.  He was there on Saturday from 9:00 am till 8:00 pm and
from noon till 8 on Sunday, so apparently there was much to be learned.
He also had a great deal of homework so we didn’t see much of him. 

That left Erin and I to do the chores.  I only mention that because
it was a learning experience for me.  Erin had swept up in one of the
bathrooms and had announced her completion.  I noticed that she didn’t
have the dustpan so I asked where all the dirt went.  That was a
mistake; her answer was one word:

“Floor vent.”

AARRRRGHHH!  The sound of a shopvac sucking lots of things out of a
floor vent is similar to the sound your lawn mower makes when you run
over a bunch of sticks.  There were lots of things down there.  She
shared further that all through childhood, she’d drop things down
there; sometimes from boredom, sometimes from curiosity.  Lots of

Sometimes I think that it’s true when they say that there are some things you’re just better off not knowing.