I like some things and there are some things that I can take or leave.  There are very few things that I dislike in the extreme but tap-dancing is one of them.  Every year during the Broken Arrow Rooster Day Parade when those tapdancers come down the street every fiber of my being wants to yell at them “STOP IT!  Can’t you see how WRONG that is?”  But I did a bit of tapdancing myself in a way today.

Once again, our customer was in the house and I was called upon to present our latest results.  As always, I view this as an opportunity to insure my future employment and so I perform accordingly.  Although I find that in my middle age, I actually have a latent talent for presenting information to customers in such a way that the truth is told but we look good anyway, I didn’t really think it went that well.  Scientific findings are a difficult thing to jazz up.  At least I thought that until TheMan came to see me during a break and said “Well, THAT went well don’t you think?”  My response was that I lost control of my presentation to the audience in very short order but TheMan thinks that means the customer is interested and engaged in our project.  It must be so since he verbally approved all of the money I had asked for even though I had doubled everything in order not to lose that which I thought we really needed.  So now I and my little posse are expected spend some money and actually produce something; something I had wanted to do for a long time.  So it’s all good.  Hopefully, I can steer this thing to success by the end of the year.

So apparently, putting movies into your Powerpoint presentations is a good thing.  Movies of stuff blowing up is hard to beat but just think what I could do if only I would add music.