Well, that's over.  I got assigned to a case and actually spent the last two days out of the basement and in one of the courtrooms on the upper floors.  It was not particularly interesting to a guy like me; just a conflict between two businessmen – one general contractor and one guy who moves dirt around.  I was then and am now more interested in the people I ran across than the points of law that were being decided.  

My favorite guy was an 84 year old fellow whose name I will keep anonymous  I guess but everybody should meet him.  He told many stories which I sat and encouraged him to do on breaks but my favorite was his story of hitchhiking from Sapulpa to Kellyville during the depression when he was about 12.  He was picked up by someone in a Model A Ford.  A woman was driving and a man was in the passenger seat with his hat pulled down over his face.  He said the woman had the craziest driving habits and the foulest mouth that he had ever experienced and he was glad to get out of the car.  Before he did, the woman said “Hey kid!  You ever hear of Bonnie and Clyde?” to which the man responded “SHUT UP!”  That was it and he forgot about it until a year or two later when Bonnie and Clyde were killed and their car was sent around the country on tour.  My Dad in Arkansa personally paid 10 cents to see the bulletridden car and the blood-stained seats.  So did my jury-duty friend.  Imagine his surprise when he recognized the car!  The photos on display confirmed it – those were the man and woman in the car when he was hitchhiking.  Hitchhiking with Bonnie and Clyde.  Pretty cool.  The Sapulpa paper did a story on it some time back also so the anecdote has been published.  

That's a story that's hard to top.