Here's my scientific analysis of the experience.

Most frequently asked question: Can I be excused because of (insert lame excuse here)?
Answer: No.

Most frequently uttered comment: You know I'm missing my soap operas because of this.

My most favorite occurrance was when the woman next to me said to those of us around her “I'm gonna turn that TV on.” and then stood up. As soon as she stood up, the TV just came on. Nobody else had moved. I said: “Hey, that's pretty good. Do that again!” The woman behind her made similar comments. They also offered a bit of applause.

As if in defiance of all common sense, the jury clerk who works all day every day down there actually seems to like her job and take it very seriously. Her face graced the cover of Tulsa People magazine one month; they have it framed and on the wall.   Carlene Tallent:  You can real all about her here.  She's nice – I hope she gets a medal for doing her job well; any other typical public servant could easily make the whole thing miserable for everyone.

I got assigned to a jury today and the trial starts tomorrow.  So, no more catching up on my reading.