The marching band had their annual awards banquet last night. It was extraordinarily well attended with nearly 700 people crammed in the room around the round tables. Erin went with us but quickly ditched us to sit with a friend that she spotted nearby leaving Evan to sit with some buddies. There was nobody for me to talk to though. I of course was not introduced to anyone because I am 46 years old and to them, I do not exist. That's why I was able to take photos pretty much indiscriminantly and was able to do so without them apparently noticing or paying attention. Evan noticed once and I told him it was just for the parental spy network. He gave me that “are you kidding?” look and I responded with that “no I'm not” look.

I guess I have to refrain from commenting on any of Evan's friends even though my comments would not be negative. The one time somebody would read this it would probably be would one of those kids which would probably be bad in Evan's eyes.

The banquet was fun though – the food was good although the waiters gave up on the coffee before they got to me. The speaker was entertaining and the awards part was done pretty well although I could have done with less speachmaking. Evan tired of it pretty soon. He and his friends (including the young ladies by the way) made the motions of tossing rolls to each other and throwing the little cherry tomatoes at each other but didn't actually do it. To their credit, they didn't smash their mashed potatoes and try to make little sculptures with it. There was a time that they would have done so. Erin reported later that she got tired of her friend griping about the food. That kid's a finicky eater and if Erin finds it annoying, it must be pretty annoying.

It kept us busy till about 10:00pm. Not a bad evening for $5.