Well, here I sit – I've got the laptop but there's (not surprisingly) no wireless network in the courthouse for me to connect to. At least not in the basement where the jury assembly room is. No browsing for me today which is too bad. I could catch up on a lot of correspondence. Everybody with a cell phone gets a good signal though. Strange.

It's every bit as fun as I remember it which is to say not at all. By noon, I had read all the downloaded news on my PDA and begun on The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I find that although there are vending machines, I have only $20 bills. Bad planning on my part. I drifted off to a light sleep around 2:30 so it was with a bit of a surprise that i awoke to find all the people around me were different. Many had migrated nearer to the TV to watch Dr. Phil. Right when Dr. Phil was about to make a pronouncement, a bunch of jurors were called to go upstairs. Their reaction was pretty funny – nobody was happy. Most of them were women and the ones leaving left instructions for those remaining to take notes. On the other side of the room was Martha Stewart's new show which apparently is just exactly like her pre-prison show.

Right after firing up the laptop, the battery pooped out. More bad planning on my part. Electrical outlets are in short supply so it wasn't until about 3:00 that an outlet became available for charging.

We were all sworn is using an amusing archaic swearing-in oath. I can't recall it exactly but it went something like: I state-your-name (and here I had to choke back a laugh while thinking about that scene in Animal House that started like that) swear that i am over 18, a resident of the state of Oklahoma, Tulsa county, (and here I remember the quote exactly)… “and that I am not mentally retarded.” How politically incorrect. And this from the bastion of politics itself: the court system.

Court houses in downtown areas are strange to me. Lots of random people standing around. Are they homeless? They certainly appear aimless and one hesitates to make eye contact. The restaurants near the courthouse are grubby and crowded. Where are all those cool restaurants that are reputed to be downtown? Snow is piled everywhere from this weekend's storm and it's starting to melt and get all dirty so the place looks like I imagine Mineapolis to look this time of year. Probably not as cold though. The public buildings themselves are a bit dirty and obviously built in some bygone era. The courtrooms themselves are quite grand but the jury assembly area and all the offices are just plain grubby with random photographs on the walls. I'm not sure when they removed the spittoons and painted the walls to lock in the years of accumulated cigarette smoke but it was probably in my adult lifetime