Mel is awfully darned sore but I think that's to be expected when a doctor removes a body part and shoves in a couple more under the muscles. But she can barely use her arms at the moment. Those narcotic pain relievers are coming in pretty handy.

People are bringing us food and that is true paradise. Except for that stuff the other night that lacked seasoning – but we were gracious nevertheless.

Mel's mom talks a lot. A LOT. Even Evan mentioned that one day on the way somewhere. He is generally the most patient and forgiving one in the house.

Today we made waffles. Waffles and Starbucks coffee – man that was good!

It snowed last night – after Evan left on a campout with the boy scouts. I imagine he's miserable with the cold and snow but it was his choice. I'm worried about the scoutmaster coming back on snowy roads towing a trailer. It's below freezing out there, snow and sleet on the roads and I have to go to Walgreen's to pick up more meds. Wish me luck.