My workbench is a wonderful thing but I built it with a big gaping
void underneath the top.  It is after all simply a bench.  But this
void tends to be a place where I pile junk and the junk gets thickly
encrusted with sawdust.  So I decided to clean it up.

I designed a small cabinet underneath it with six drawers in it. 
That cabinet carcasse is done and I’m building the drawers now to
populate it.  I am continually surprised at how much wood it takes to
complete a project of any sophistication.  This think is weighing in at
about a ton (or so it seems) and I’m not done yet.  And these drawers
have no tools in them yet.

I’m using plywood for the drawer sides and using dovetailed joints
to stick them all together but those two things are apparently making
for some difficulties.  When you try to dovetail two pieces of plywood
together, you wind up with many of the little layers trying to split
apart from one another.  Maybe next time I’ll do something else but for
now, I’ll just call it a learning experience and go on.