I really don't understand people who say:  "Boy, I enjoy a holiday but now I'm really ready to get back to work."  Pshaw!  Those are generally people who work downtown and wear ties.   I could stay home and be totally happy.  I'm never bored and I have a list of things I want to do that should keep me busy until I die.  If I was retired, I suspect I'd burn through my list but I am confident that I'd just come up with more things to add to it.

So, during the holidays, I finished the kitchen, cleaned up the garage, finished a home video project (except that I can't find the CD labels), and cleaned up the hard drive so that there is space there now.  I also failed to do a number of things but that's always the case.  Further, I sat in a chair for two days straight reading a big thick book (The Dark Tower).  I'm a little ambivalent about the book but it was definately a pleasant pasttime.  I've discovered that you can get the opposite of repetitive motion syndrome:  that being lack-of-motion syndrome.  If you sit in a chair all day without moving except to turn pages, you can get pretty stiff; even painful.  Who knew?

I managed to make it from Thanksgiving until New Years with a net weight gain of only about three pounds which is pretty miraculous when you think about it.  I should be able to shed those three pretty handily.

Erin got many things for Christmas but one of them was one of those old-fashioned Dymo label makers with the wheel you turn and the clicking handle thing.  She has been labelling everything.  I found a new one on my briefcase when getting ready to return to work:  "THANK YOU.  I LOVE MY LABE MAKER".  The "L" was missing from the word label which always a risk with those kinds of things.  As we took down the Christmas tree, I found one of the branches with a label stuck to the tip:  "TREE".  On Christmas day, as I was taking my shirt off to go to bed, I found a label stuck to my sleeve:  "DAD".  Erin's MP3 player has labels on the cables:  "USB", and "POWER SUPPLY".  The label is bigger than the cable it is labelling.  I told Melissa that she'd better check all her stuff for labels before doing laundry.