Yesterday, I had the day off like many others except those poor people who work in retail. My heart goes out to them.

So I spent the day thusly: Erin, Evan, and I got in the garage (from which the cars were absent) and made match rockets. (learn all about it at Yeah, I’m too lazy to look up the html. Anyway, it was big fun – we burned through (ha!) several books of matches and the garage totally reeked with match smoke. In fact, it still does.

Then I grabbed all the new baseboard trim I had bought and began to install it in our newly painted kitchen. All that up and down at the baseboard and at the chopsaw really got to me and this morning I can barely move. Who would have thought that just getting up and down a million times would add up to sore muscles.

But the kitchen looks pretty good. Or at least it’s beginning to; I’m not done yet.