My birthday is Sunday so I've got my choice of which day I can take off.  One way or the other, I shall do things up right.  I will leave the seats up, eat a few of those little chocolate things Mel keeps in the living room this time of year, maybe go get some of that "good" coffee, and perhaps even go eat some beef.  I'm livin' on the edge now!

Actually, I'll probably end up painting the kitchen.  Last weekend, I textured the walls after having ripped down the old wallpaper.  That was exhausting; that texturing mud is super heavy.  Now it needs to be painted so I can call it done. 

I think we've gotten all our holiday performances out of the way.  Tonight, Erin and I are planning on parking in front of the TV with some movies while Mel and Evan are off working the concession stand at the stadium (to make some money for his band participation next year).  Then, at some point, Evan and I want to watch all of the Lord of the Rings movies in a marathon eyeball-drying, movie-watching session.