It's been abnormally warm this fall until recently.  A few days ago it turned colder than normal and now it's really totally freakin' cold.  This morning it was in the single digits and the high is only forecast to be in the twenties.  Plus, it snowed last night.

Needless to say, the schools are all out.  The roads are fine but the schools are out anyway.  It's so cold that the snow isn't really stuck to the roads – it's just laying on top waiting for a plow to push it off and there's no wet stuff anywhere so driving is no big deal. 

Just to show you what having other people awake in the house and other school traffic on the road can do to you, this morning I slept in for 20 minutes, shoveled the driveway, went and got some sandbags for the back of my truck, drove to work slowly, and still got to work right on time.  I have no sympathy for single and/or childless people who can't seem to get anywhere on time.