So I looked in my wallet today and found very little of interest.  I then looked in my desk drawer and found a cup brimfull of pocket change.  cha-ching!

I headed straight for the nearest Albertson's and their awesome CoinStar machines.  Yeah, I know they charge you 8.9% for the priviledge but at least they give me money which is better than what my bank does. 

The banks seems a bit snooty when it comes to coins.  Yeah they'll take them because the law requires it but they'd obviously rather not.  I brought a bunch of coins to the bank once and instead of even offering to count them, they offered me a bunch of paper tubes.  Then after I had counted them out and rolled them, they made me sign each roll and include my bank account number.  My sister used to have a business where she needed change and she never got any rolls of change that looked as if they'd been hand-rolled so I figure the bank takes my carefully counted rolls, breaks them out and recounts and re-rolls them in their own way. 

My niece's boyfriend had an admirable way of dealing with huge amounts of change:  he spent it.  One summer, he had the job of filling a bunch of soda machines and he'd have great bags of quarters, dimes, and nickels.  He just went to the local convenience store, filled his truck with $50 worth of gas and went inside and counted out $50 in change, one coin at a time.  I asked him what the store thought of it and he responded that he didn't care.  Money's money he said.  He bought lots of stuff:  CDs at WalMart, gas, meals at restaurants – all paid for with pocket change.

 I tried that once at WalMart when I bought sodas for the refrigerator at work.  The money box had a huge amount of coinage in it and I just paid for the $60 worth of Coke and Pepsi with quarters but I really felt the heat from the people in line behind me who were fuming as I counted out my money.  It stressed me out too much.  I guess I don't have what it takes to live a cash existence with all coins.