Strange weather we're having lately.  Yesterday the wind began to blow.  That's not so unusual in Oklahoma (you know the song about the wind coming sweeping down the plains?) but it's a bit unusual in November and it's really unusual for it to blow at 40  miles and hour continuously with gusts up to 50 or more.  This is what I'd call freakishly windy.

I even thought it was moderately entertaining so watch the neighbor's mailbox rip off the post and go rolling down the street until some powerlines somewhere got blown down.  Well, with the lights off, it isn't all that entertaining any more.  Plus, the aforementioned powerlines apparently sparked a lot when they fell which touched off a huge fire.  It got to within two miles of my house.  We could see and smell smoke and while nobody else seemed worried, I was mentally ticking off all the things I'd have to do if we had to evacuate.  Things like turn on the lawn sprinklers, wet down the roof with the hose, grab important paperwork, pack underwear, and head west on the turnpike.

Fortunately it didn't come to that since the wind was blowing in such a way that the fires didn't come my way.