July 7

Finally, we slept late.  This was a day for travelling down to Washington DC and Kent had to leave for work early so we just lazed about the house until around noon at which point we left.  We figured the traffic would be better at that time and perhaps it was.  We pretty much kept to the speed limit which I’ve heard is a
bonus around there.

We passed through Wilmington, Delaware, Baltimore, Maryland, and soon made it into
Washington.  Our hotel was within a short walk of Union Station and the Capitol building and so was right downtown.  As such, we had a bit of a hard time actually driving to it what with Washington traffic, one way streets, construction, and what-not.  But we made it eventually.  Their parking garage was teeny.  I was
seriously concerned about being able to fit the van into the space but I did it.

Since it was an easy walk, we walked over to union station for dinner.  That was allegedly where our bus tour for the next day left from and so we felt obligated to find it the night before lest we miss the early departure.  This was a tour we had to show up on time for.  Union Station is really impressive; a building built in another era for a grander impression that we attempt to make now. We had dinner and then took a walk.

We took off in the direction of the capitol and walked around it.  We then walked around to the capitol Mall and began walking towards the Washington Monument.  It was further away than it looked.  Along the way are some of the great museums which were unfortunately all closed.  All except the Smithsonian Natural History Museum.  It was extremely humid and finally it began to rain so we ducked into the Natural History Museum until it closed which was only about half an hour later.  That didn’t leave us much time to see

Our hotel had a rooftop pool so we walked back to the hotel and headed to the top floor.  It was pretty cool with a nice view but unfortunately, the rains began again.  That was the day that we became aware of some newsworthy events that we had been oblivious to since we hadn’t been watching TV or reading a paper.  We asked to get down into the Metro station to use the bathroom and were told about the bombings in the London Underground which was a bit of a shock.  Then we learned about hurricane Dennis which was the cause of the rain we were experiencing.  As we tried to swim it began to rain harder which is not really a problem when you’re in the water but it suddenly got a lot cooler.  I don’t know if it was the cold raindrops or the air but we had to go inside.

We were exhausted anyway so that wasn’t a problem for anybody.