I downloaded a trial version of Pinnacle Studio and liked it so much I wanted to buy it. So I clicked on the clickable that said “buy”.

Well, it was to activate the trial version to permanent status but it failed at some point along the way with an error that disappeared before I could read it. I heard the sound of $99 swirling down the toilet so I immediately went to their website to request a refund.

They quickly responded in the affirmative and said they would refund me.

Now today, I got in the mail a full-up version on CD from them. Part of the terms of the refund was that I would “destroy all intellectual properties” which I took to mean I should uninstall the trial – which I did.

Now what? These crazy people have now sent me the full-blown thing. It wasn't clear to me that was ever part of the deal.

Geez. No more activation for me – I'm going for shrinkwrap stuff all the way in the future.

Guess I'd better return it or shred it.