So we flew around the country for about six hours last night. We did some cool stuff but there was some slack time during which I listened in to the conversations going on in my headset. I'm not a normal flight crewman so I just try to stay out of the way and not horn in on their already established relationships.

Two guys sat there comparing the size of their hard drives for awhile. Then one began to coach the other in how to rip and copy a DVD movie. You know: “to back one you already own” *wink*. That was very handy. Back in the rear, it was normal conversation that I could participate in. One guy opened up his food only to have the entire rest of the crew bellow with protest at the smell of it. This is allergy season so I was so stuffed up that I didn't notice anything. When we stopped for fuel, they threatened to put him off.

Up front however, I was sitting behind the air compressor which was putting out vast quantities of hot, dry air. I was roasting by the time we landed. I ended up the flight with my face huddled up next to that little air conditioner tube that all aircraft have. I have to fly again next week so I'd better get used to it and wear shorts or something. I couldn't just drink water because I didn't want to have to arrange to pee with a woman around (that I'm not married to). I'm old-fashioned that way.