I actually wrote this last week but what the heck…

The big event this week was the grand opening of The Guitar Center: the WalMart of guitar stores. I wanted to go to the grand opening because they had some killer deals on some things. Unfortunately, over 1000 people showed up. Maybe it was the free concert next door in the former-“Quilted Bear” craft shop but now empty storefront. Maybe it was the ultra cheap goodies. Maybe it was the searchlight in the parking lot (Naahhh! Couldn't be that.) Still, I stayed in line because as time went on, lots of middle-aged parents began to leave, dragging their teenaged sons with them so, for me, the line went fast enough. I actually got one of the free T-shirts. I got it for Evan but it's an XXL and so looks like a bathrobe on him so I guess I'll just have to wear it. I got in on the guitar strings that were buy2-get10free. 12 sets of guitar strings for $17. That would normally cost over $100. I got a pack of CD-Rs for $5. They were out of the home recording studio software though.

It wasn't so bad standing in line since everybody else was a kindred spirit. I learned of some bands I had never heard of, some places to go to hear some good music; there seems to be a larger than expected contingent of blues music fans and bands in Tulsa. There were lots of smokers though.

Evan and I went back on Sunday when the crowds were somewhat less but it was still noisy. The Guitar Center is all set up to attract 15-year-old boys who can come in, pick up a guitar that they can't afford, jack into a big amp, and whale away at it with the four chords he knows. That leads to a boistrous atmosphere where, if you were actually in the market for a nice guitar, you couldn't hear it well enough to make a choice. I think I'll go there for inspiration and then buy from a local guy with an old-fashioned store where you can hear the instrument you're thinking of buying.