May 2004

I was wondering: if you have a car that leaks oil to the extent that you have to add 1 quart about every two weeks, do you ever really have to have an oil change? I mean, after 3 months, the entire crankcase has had a full change and more added.

I was just wondering.


School is finally out and so I hope this is the last frantically busy week we're going to have for awhile.

Where do I start?
I guess we start this bit of reportage on Saturday morning. The scout troop had scheduled an event to take care of the aviation merit badge which involves going to an airport, doing a pre-flight of an aircraft, interviewing an instructor pilot, and actually taking a short flight. That's not so easy to organize so it was a pretty big event. The boys all had big fun though – and who wouldn't? My own stoic son even had some smiles and good reports. That occupied most of our morning.

Then it was home to snork down a quick lunch and get dressed for the graduation ceremony of a niece in Fayetteville. Back to Bud Walton Arena for another parade of robed and flat-hatted former students. It was mercifully short.

We went to Mel's brother's house for the post-ceremony celebration which I always enjoy. I have to hand it to them: they are trying to finish building their new house and move out of the one they're in so to have arranged a big party at the same time is pretty good planning. They all looked really tired though. It's not so easy to work 40 hours a week and build a new house at the same time. I don't mean have somebody build it – he's done all the construction himself. He has good reason to be exhausted.

After driving home after that, we decided to take it easy yesterday (Sunday) and do as little as possible. Still, Erin had a piano recital that we almost forgot about. That means that I forgot about it; Melissa never forgets these things. Those are always quite pleasant; all the more so because this week is when the weather in Tulsa decided to turn hot. Our weather does that. It can be nice, cool, and breezy and then about the time school is out, the hot weather hits us with a thunk like a sack of stinky fertilizer. So it was all the more pleasant to sit in a air-conditioned theater and watch all the little kids dressed in their finery play their finest pieces. In Erin's case it was: Ecossaise by Beethoven and the Maple Leaf Rag by Scott Joplin. What a combo, eh?

And so it went. Last night, us parents permitted no activity, no sleepovers, nothing more involved than watching a movie.

I hope that's all we do for awhile.

And everybody can sleep late but me.

Erin had a bunch of her friends over to spend the night last night. It wasn't too difficult to sleep through them and their movie.

Spring is over and the temperature has gotten hot again. Welcome to summer. The roadsides looked nice with all the green stuff growing and lots of wildflowers but now they've mowed everything and it's boring looking again. They seem to have avoided some wildflowers that have yet to finish their cycle but most are gone. The pansies are dead – time for planting hot weather flowers like petunias.

The cottonwood trees are producing their cotton – something associated with this process makes me sneeze bigtime. Mel too.

I don't want spring to end. I don't like hot weather.

Yesterday found Melissa and I at the old elementary school helping out with fifth grade day – where the kids get to go have a picnic, play games, and have a talent show. It was hot, they had fun, and we had food left over.

Since we were involved in the planning of both, we re-used the stuff from the recent 8th grade day – same games, same props, etc. Everything the same. Therefore, I was given the plum assignment of sitting in a lawn chair and photographing all the kids. Actually, they came so fast that I didn't get to sit much. Plus, the little locusts hit the drinks so hard that there were none left when it was my turn. Not to worry – we had our own stash in the car. We adults take care of ourselves you know.

The talent show was mercifully short – I was tired and ready for a shower after being out in the sun for a few hours.

That's the news from my end of town. Stay tuned for further developments.

My coworker who sits next to me just announced the birth of his first baby boy.

We go the baby a tube of “Boudreaux's Butt Paste”. 🙂

Evidently, the product line for diaper rash has changed dramatically since mine were in diapers.

I have before me a book entitled:

“Programming the TI-C6xx Digital Signal Processor – FOR DUMMIES” (all caps are mine for emphasis).

There's even a picture of the little triangle-head guy saying “Program you DSP application the quick and easy way with eXpressDPS!”

Now you've seen everything.

That's all. Thanks for watching.

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